Construction Update

Below are pictures of the construction being done at the site taken first week of March.

First building fully painted and ready for fixtures and glass and airconditioning. Some of the paint has to be redone though, not very happy with how it looked.

Images of the lower floor of the second building. Like the first building, the walls were taken down and reconstructed for the new 3-room layout. This should be done in about a week.

Dive-prep area. Walls have been painted, we’re waiting for the glass that will eventually become the whiteboard for lectures and briefings and such. Notice the doors to the lockers are the same shutters we took from the existing buildings.

Kitchen structure being built. This is 1/4 of the area of the current open deck. The rest of the deck will be the dining area, but this will still be expanded outwards facing the sea.

Initially I thought that the kitchen area we had layed out would turn out too small but looking at it now, it seems big enough, if not already too big.

Materials for the dining area structure arriving.

Metal to be used for the frame of the structure.

Polycarbonate material to be used for the dining area structure. We’re very excited about the dining area. It’ll be very very open, following the concept of bringing the outside in. There will be no walls in this area to really give the place that open feel.

Dining area and kitchen.


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